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02. IP Strategy and Portfolio Managment

The value in a well-managed IP portfolio.

Every business is unique and has its own set of values, mission, and vision. At Seiter Legal Studio, we believe in building strong bonds and connections with our clients by listening to them, analyzing their business needs, and gaining a clear understanding of their short term and long-term goals to develop a tailored IP Strategy.  Our aim is to work with our clients as their business partner, not as service providers. 


That is why we spend as much time as needed in advising, guiding and educating our clients, both domestic and international, on what IP is all about, why it is important, how best to protect the IP identified within an organization, especially small businesses, how IP can generate revenue for a business, and when necessary, jointly develop a cost-effective IP strategy. 

When developing an IP Strategy, we usually adopt the “Who, What, Where, When, How and Why” approach. If you are interested to you know more, we would be happy to share our approach with you. If you are looking to one firm to manage your IP worldwide look no further. Seiter Legal Studio can do just that, and much more!

Why work with us?

We have in-depth experience in the management of our clients’ IP portfolios throughout the world through our network of highly qualified, trusted associates, at highly competitive rates.

Should you wish to appoint us to manage your trademark portfolio across several jurisdictions, we will provide you with a consistent reporting standard.  Our experience with our other clients is that you will gain the benefit of not having to deal with the many different agents, in jurisdictions with exceptionally diverse legal systems, languages and cultures, who may otherwise provide you disparate service standards and inconsistent styles of reporting, as we will manage our agents and impose our service standards on them. 

We will provide you with a report that is concise and clear. We will also coordinate the work and convey your instructions for the same issue to agents from different countries that may encounter the same queries.  In so doing, you will enjoy significantly more efficient management of your trademark portfolio.

Palm Trees

Get in touch

Book a meeting with us to learn how we can assist you with securing your IP rights.  We have highly qualified and experienced professionals with the right experience for undertaking your trademark and/or IP work.

Unlike most firms, we do not charge on an hourly rate basis for a lot of the work we do. Rather, we charge on a fixed-fee basis. We do so even for reviewing, advising and responding to office actions and/or Provisional Refusals.

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