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Business IP Audit


We will review your business, identify your IP, and tell you how to protect it.
- Only for $150! (Normal rate $750)

What is in our Business IP Audit?

Our IP Audit will cover reviewing the participant's business model and analyzing the kind of IP you might have and how to go about protecting it, as well as the potential costs. The IP Audit will be a 1.5-hour online meeting and will be based on a "Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why" model in which our IP attorney will have a one-to-one discussion with you, the participant. This will allow each participant to dig deep into their business, and their IP and have enough information to take the next steps forward to protect their rights.

Exclusion: The Business IP Audit is a discovery process for the participant to determine their business' IP needs, and is also an educational session. It does not involve advice on potential legal action against third parties which is outside the scope of the Business IP Audit and for which a formal attorney-client engagement is required wherein separate fees may also apply.

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