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03. Copyright

What we do?

Seiter Legal Studio assists our clients in securing, acquiring and protecting copyrights in artistic and literary works, with an emphasis on entertainment, music, fashion, commercial and fine art, and computer software. To protect our clients’ copyrights, we file applications for registration with the US Copyright Office, copyright assignments and recordations, and prosecute and defend copyright infringement disputes.

We draft copyright licenses, assignments and work-for-hire contracts among parties engaged in the creation of animated cartoons, live-action film, and video, photography, graphic art, applied art, and screenplays, realized in diverse media and merchandise, from television, film and video games, to fashion apparel, accessories, sporting goods, and other branded lifestyle products.

How can we help?

We conduct rights clearance and title searches for film, television, and other entertainment productions as well as for consumer product promotions, reviewing scripts, artwork, graphics, photography, advertising, and website copy to avoid infringement and publicity and privacy rights issues and to satisfy clients’ errors and omissions requirements. We also provide interpretation and guidance on agreements impacting copyrights and their exploitation.

Internationally, our close working relationships in all significant jurisdictions with local counsel seasoned in copyright matters enable us to deliver coherent global advice on cross-border licensing and other agreements impacting copyrights, overseas copyright protection, anti-piracy investigations, and enforcement measures.

Our scope of copyright services includes: 

  • Advice on copyright protection.

  • Copyright registration.

  • Renewals of copyright.

  • Copyright opposition or revocation actions.

  • Change in ownership of a copyright.

  • Copyright portfolio management.

San Francisco

Get in touch

Book a meeting with us to learn how we can assist you with securing your IP rights.  We have highly qualified and experienced professionals with the right experience for undertaking your trademark and/or IP work.

Unlike most firms, we do not charge on an hourly rate basis for a lot of the work we do. Rather, we charge on a fixed-fee basis. We do so even for reviewing, advising and responding to office actions and/or Provisional Refusals.

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