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File Your Trademak with the USPTO

Get your Trademark done right with Seiter Legal Studio. Our team has a  significant amount of experience filing marks with the USPTO, from assisting you with trademark searches to getting your classifications right, write to us below for a complimentary, non-obligatory fee quote so you can file with confidence!

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Seiter Legal Studio provides reliable, prompt trademark registration services in the US. We assist all brand owners including small to medium-sized businesses in registering their trademark rights in the United States. We manage our clients' trademark portfolio from filing right through to registration. Our key advantage is charging fixed professional fees for the work we do. We also develop a long-term IP strategy for our clients by listening and communicating with them.  


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In Memoriam
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William J. Seiter

Kiranjit K Dharsan Seiter

Managing Attorney / CEO
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Marni HJ. Afandi

Senior Trademark Portfolio Manager
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